What kind of projectors can I take on rent in Delhi?

Having a good projector is a must for companies that do employee training, meetings with many people and other events in general. In addition, it is also important that this equipment has a long service life and does not require very frequent preventive maintenance.

For this, the best option is the laser projector, which unlike the projector lamp, offers a number of benefits for users. And for you to understand a little more about the subject, we answer a series of common questions that professionals in the field have on the subject.

We will explain what a laser projector is, what its features and advantages are, as well as the differences from traditional projectors. If you want to take a projector on rent then you should have known that what kind of projectors you can hire in your area. Here in Delhi, almost every kind of projectors are available but some of the major ones are DLP Projectors, Multimedia Projectors, and Interactive Projectors.

DLP Projectors

In a DLP projector, the light from your lamp is directed to a chip whose reflective surface is made up of thousands of micro mirrors, each modulating the behavior of each pixel that is projected on the screen. In the most sophisticated DLP projectors there is a chip to control each color component (green, blue and red).

However, most DLP projectors on the market use only one chip with a color filter. The main advantage of DLP technology is its size. Since DLP projectors do not use three liquid crystal panels but a single chip, they can be smaller and more compact than LCD projectors. Another important advantage of DLP projectors, which gives them dominance in the sector of home use (Home Cinema), is the quality in video projection with high contrast in black.

Multimedia Projectors

From educational institutions to co working companies, classrooms and auditoriums, the search for new technologies is growing and nowadays the trend is to invest in Multimedia Projectors for a much more practical and efficient communication, without leaving aside the best cost x benefit for each need.

The multimedia projector on rent in Delhi is a true and indisputable advance in technology for content presentations. The resource has been used for decades as a support to improve the understanding and explanation of different subjects, both in companies and in schools.

In schools, today’s projectors let you display information with text, graphics, photos, videos and more using a compact, lightweight and practical multimedia projector. In addition, modern projectors are also essential for presentations at professional meetings, showing films in large spaces, seminars, lectures, among other situations. All the information contained in images and audios can gain great proportions for the entire public, in addition to the image quality allowed by current models.

Interactive Projectors

With the advancement of technology, training and education environments need to adapt to meet the new demands of today. And interactive projectors can help a lot in this sense, since these devices manage to transform the screen into a place of total interaction with the image.

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