Can I choose a specific laptop brand to rent?

laptops on rent in Delhi

In the 21st century, laptops are not cheap. They are over-priced. For someone who needs a laptop, they can rent one instead of buying. EMIs and swiping credit cards are not so easy for the middle-class men anymore. Anyone looking forward to cutting costs can rent laptops. They are budget-friendly as well. Few tech events will also provide laptops so the guests can use them.

There are a few people who just need to use a laptop to complete a project or finish an assignment. Renting is better, isn’t it? Renting laptops is like leasing a car. You always have the option of renting one whenever you wish to.  There are many competitions and exams which require students taking online exams; it is not feasible for colleges to provide new laptops for every student. It is advisable to rent them.

Most of the companies providing laptops on rent in Delhi have a wide range of laptops to choose from. You need to explore the options available and match your requirements with the features they offer.  Here are a few laptop brands that you can rent:

  1. MacBook:

Looks classy, easy on your pockets! What can get better? Most of the laptop rentals rent out the MACBOOK PRO- 13 inch or 15-inch laptops. They have a 2GHz Intel core and 8GB RAM. Being lightweight, this is an added advantage for all your uses. 

  • ACER:

Rental places rent out Acer laptops, which have an Intel core 2 duo processor. They have 2 to 4GB RAM, and the monitors are usually 15 inches. ACER is known to have a better battery backup. 

  • DELL:

Another brand of laptops that will be easy on your pocket! With an Intel Core i3 processor and a 4GB RAM, this laptop has a hard disk of 250GB. It is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something handy as well. Their monitor is also usually 15 inches, but they also do provide laptops with 22inch monitors on rent. 


With 8 GB RAM and a hard disk of 500 GB, this is another spectacular choice. Lenovo promises a better battery backup than the rest of the laptop brands. If you are looking to rent this laptop for workshops and such, they also come in different colours which will attract more users. With their ideal 24 inch screens, it is not hard on the eyes too.

  • HP:

A brand that is economical if you decide to buy it too. Their screens are usually bigger ideal for students and people to work on projects. With a hard disk of 400 GB, this provides all the space you might require to store your data. It is not a delicate laptop, so there is no need to give it the special extra care and attention.

As such, there is not anyone brand that you have to choose compulsorilywhen renting a laptop. Every laptop mentioned above has its advantages. Based on your requirements, choose thebrand that is ideal for you.

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