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Hire a laptop on rent in Delhi from Nexgen audio visual !

Nexgen audio visual is a leading name in laptop rental services in Delhi and thus if you or any of your known ones are looking for a laptop on rent in Delhi, do contact us. We offer the best quality notebooks for rent to companies and organizations at very reasonable rates. These days, the majority of MNCs or brands believe in outsourcing rather than having the things in- house and there are reasons for that as well. Startups are also opting for laptop rental services and they want to run liability free and this is the reason why co-working spaces have also seen a huge demand in the market in the last decade.

Start-ups usually want to save their capital for longer run instead of investing in fixed assets, and thus they hire laptops on rent in Delhi and save themselves from either losing their initial capital or from paying hefty EMIs of the laptops. Renting a laptop in Delhi is actually wise then buying one, as you can pay just a month’s rent for the laptop and you can have best of the high end laptops on rent which you on other hand, won't be able to afford at the first go. Later, you can also change or upgrade your rental laptop to a better configuration and it can boost your productivity as well.

Hiring notebooks on rent has never been so easy

Laptops or notebooks on rent have become so easier now with Nexgen audio visual, your favorite laptops brands are not just a call away. All you need to do is to give us a call and our trained professionals will visit your home or office to suggest you and provide best solutions if you are looking for laptops on rent in Delhi NCR. In today’s world of digitisation, all the businesses are dependent on computers and thus notebooks have become the most important tool all the businesses and professionals can carry their laptops easily and manage work remotely from any place.

The concept of personal computers in offices has become obsolete now and these start-ups have promoted this culture at a great extent. They do understand that laptops keep on upgrading all the time, so why invest in buying the laptops, rather they hire laptops in Delhi and change or upgrade the same whenever they want. In many advanced nations, even smartphones and smartwatches are even available on rent. You use the latest models and change them whenever the upgraded models come.

Best Laptops rentals in Delhi NCR available at Nexgen audio visual

Wondering why we are the best laptop rental company in Delhi and NCR region? There are many reasons why people consider us the best in the market.

  • Experience of more than a decade in the rental industry
  • We offer affordable laptop rental solutions for both short term and long term
  • Highly professional and trained staff at your disposal
  • Complete support and maintenance of the laptops by dedicated staff
  • Quick turnaround time, even same day delivery in Delhi

Who can avail our laptop rentals services in Delhi?

Anyone in need of a laptop on rent in Delhi is our client and we offer them services without any filters of age, income proof or any other collateral based delivery. You can rent a laptop from Nexgen audio visual for any reason, below given are the various types of requirements we serve to

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Laptop on Rent in Delhi

Delhi-NCR Leading AV Rental Company


  • The company who is looking for setting up call centers
  • Any startup who is setting of up a new office
  • Established MNC looking to outsource their IT
  • Companies with some special projects in Delhi
  • Trainings, exhibitions and conferences
  • Any government organization extending its strength
  • Organizations hiring notebooks for ad-hoc employees
  • Media and film industry people working on a location
  • External bodies executing any Government project

These are some cases where we usually get major clients from but we are limited to such queries. We are open to promote such open office culture and co-working office which

Why renting a laptop is better than buying a laptop

There are many reasons which support that renting a laptop is better than buying a new laptop.

  • You can rent a high end laptop which usually is not affordable
  • Laptop on rent will save your money initially if you can't afford to buy one
  • You can try your favorite laptop on rent and later you can plan to buy that
  • You can try new laptops frequently by changing your rented laptops
  • If you are a start-up, you do not need to invest huge money on laptops
  • MNCs can save their time and energy in IT maintenance
  • Laptop rental companies also offer quick support and troubleshooting

Brands of laptops on rent we offer in Delhi

  • Apple Macbook
  • Dell
  • Lenovo
  • HCL
  • Compaq
  • Toshiba
  • Fijitsu
  • Asus
  • Acer
  • HP
  • Intex

There may be many laptop rental companies in Delhi and NCR region but finding the best once is a task. We have many reasons why you should prefer Nexgen audio visual as your partner to get laptops on rent in Delhi NCR.

Things to consider before taking a laptop on rent in Delhi

With some reliable laptop rental vendors in Delhi, it has become very easy for brands and individuals to hire a rented laptop. But before renting a laptop, you need to consider a few things very carefully to avail best of the services without any hassles.

1. Research about the best suited laptop models on rent for you
It is very important to do your own research about the laptop models as it's better to choose the right laptop brand and model. Finding the right model which is best suited to your specific needs is very important as it will save you from further hussles. You can save your time and energy by doing a little research than later arguing with the laptop rental agency. If you do not have much idea or technical understanding of the laptops, you may ask some of your friends who are IT geeks or simply search on Google for latest models and specifications.

2. Research about the latest specifications / configurations
Laptop functions are mostly the same but what makes the difference is it’s configuration. A high end laptop has higher configurations and thus they give better performance and save your time. On the other hand, low end laptops have lower configuration and thus it reduces your performance and productivity as they act very slow. It's important to work on laptops with latest configurations if you can afford or they can provide you on rent. Doing research on what are the latest models and configurations will help you choose the best suited laptop for you. Just for your better understanding, some common specifications include

  • Processor of the system
  • Ram (Random Access Memory)
  • Operating System
  • Motherboard
  • Hard Disk (HDD)
  • Graphics Card
  • Resolution
  • Display Screen Size
  • Battery Life

3. Do some due diligence by getting quotes from multiple vendors
There are many laptop rental agencies in Delhi and to save money, it is very crucial to do some market research on the cost of the laptop rentals. Different agencies have different costs and thus a due diligence before finalising the agency will end up saving a huge amount if you are going to hire laptops on rent in Delhi. You can take quotes from different laptop vendors in Delhi by sharing your requirements with them. After getting the quotes, you can compare the rates and also negotiate with the vendor by extending a long term commitment as every vendor wants a regular flow of business. By negotiating with them, you can get better rates of rentals which you can pay on a monthly basis.

4. Ask for the initial deposit amount for the renting a laptop
These laptop rental agencies also charge some initial deposit amount as guarantee to be on a safer side. Different companies charge different amounts for deposit and you must ask this deposit amount beforehand and this is also something which is very important. You must check which agency or vendor is asking for lesser deposits and the best vendor would be the one who doesn't charge any amount for deposit and offers laptops on rent with a formal agreement.

5. Check the other terms and conditions for hiring laptops on rent
The amount which the rental agency offers you is not the final amount as there is no fixed rule to calculate the rental amount and thus you can negotiate with them as well. But it is very important to check with them about their terms and conditions. You must ask them to provide you those terms and conditions formally on their letterhead or email, so that they can not deny the terms later. Just to be sure, all the points should be clear before you hire the laptop rental agency.
Nexgen audio visual is here to offer the best laptops on rent in Delhi, so if you are the one looking for such services, do call us right away.

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